Digital Media Arts student produces video on Media and Sports course

By Julie Pawlikowski, second year graduate assistant in the Media Management program

Jacques Hinkson-Compton is a Digital Media Arts graduate student enrolled in Professor Healy’s Media Lab course. This team-based integration course serves as a nexus for the production and dissemination of projects in a wide variety of Media courses, including those in multiplatform journalism, public relations, advertising and sports media. Students learn how to work with clients in project assessment, planning, and production.

Hinkson-Compton chose to create a video  on the Media and Sports course taught by Dr. Robert Bellamy. In Media and Sports, students critically view the role of sports media in American culture. The influence of relationships between sports media and issues such as race, gender, nationalism, capitalism/consumerism, violence and civic life is discussed. Issues in relation to journalism ethics and the production of sports media is also examined.

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