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Duquesne Media Department Equipment Room Video by Adam Milyak

By Aamin Withrow-Davis, second-year graduate student in the Digital Media program

Adam Milyak, a graduate student majoring in Digital Media Arts with a concentration in Media Management, created a video showcasing the Media departments equipment room. He made the video for the Media Project Management course.

Since the Media department obtained new cameras, Adam found it paramount to create a video detailing the equipment. Students are able to use the equipment at their leisure. This video also informs viewers on the other equipment offered.

“I wanted viewers to be aware of all the equipment that is available and at the same time highlight the new cameras. I chose comedy because it helps deliver the point to the viewers and retain the message,” Adam said. Although storyboarding is an integral part of videography he creatively chose to improvise much of the video which proved to be a great creative choice.

Thank you, Adam Milyak, for the informative and comedic video!

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