More on the Editor, Aamin Withrow-Davis

By Aamin Withrow-Davis, second-year graduate student in the Digital Media program

Whenever I am not working on my graduate studies, I like to immerse my self in passive learning about electronics, computer building, photography via Youtube. I also enjoy watching Netflix and Hulu.

Although I have never build a custom pc, I enjoy watching various YouTubers create their custom gaming pcs and workstations. Two of my favorite youtube channels for this is Linus Tech Tips and JayTwoCents, they not only build great computers but they also teach you how to do it, how to troubleshoot problems and about new technology. My favorite aspect of each channel is when each competes in building computers and overclock the RAM and processors and find creative/over the top ways to water cool each computer, all just for bragging rights.

As I mentioned in a previous article, photography is one of my favorite hobbies. The use of a camera to capture a moment is a powerful thing. One photograph can mean a thousand things and I love that about this medium. When I’m not taking photos, I watch my two favorite YouTube channels: Joe Edelman and Fstoppers. Joe Edelman’s channel primary focuses on detailing helpful tricks and tips, DIY projects, and advice on how to become a better photographer. Fstoppers also gives tips and trick, however, I prefer their community critic videos. For their community critic videos they chose a theme, such as Wedding Photography, then they pick photographs that were taken from their community members and critic them. Another interesting aspect is them comparing their scores to how the community rated the pictures, especially when viewed with their own explanation on how they scored the photograph.

I Love watching Netflix and Hulu Marvel series such as Cloak and Dager, Punisher, Luke Cage, which are just a few examples. Sadly, many Marvels Netflix and Hulu series is being canceled, however, some are still getting a new season so I (along with many other fans) will be able to watch at last one more season.

Hopefully, this article has allowed you to learn more about me and my hobbies.

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