Julian Routh Video by Miah Dunkleberger

By Aamin Withrow-Davis, second-year graduate student in the Digital Media program

Miah Dunkleburger, an undergraduate student minoring in Digital Media created a video showcasing Duquesne University alumnus Julian Routh.

Duquesne University has taught Routh to be a great news reporter. News reporting in modern day society is not the only lesson he has taken away from his time at Duquesne, his experiences in holding many positions in various organizations has also allowed him to hone his skills ans abilities.

Miah states that,”I made this video to inspire current students to shoot for their professional goals, working to hone their tools in every opportunity that they receive.” Miah hopes that after viewing Routh’s success students will be, further, motivated to form and utilize all their talents.

Thank you, Miah Dunkleberger, for this uplifting video!

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