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Digital Media Arts graduate student creates video on Interaction Design course

By Julie Pawlikowski, second year graduate student in the Media Management program

Ahmed Alharbi, a Digital Media Arts graduate student in Professor Healy’s Media Lab course, chose to create a video highlighting the Interaction Design course taught by Dr. William Gibbs. The Interaction Design course examines the interconnection of human thinking and behavior and the design of interactive products and user experiences. From this perspective, students engage in user research and iterative product design and development methodologies. Students write project specifications, develop wireframes and storyboards, prototypes interactive design, and perform user testing. They evaluate designs through empirical measurement using a variety of innovative tools. Interaction Design emphasizes digital interactions for screen-based interfaces like mobile and web.

“I’ve taken several web design and web development classes at Duquesne University,” said Mohamed Cisse, a graduate student in the Media Department. “[Interaction Design] is one of my favorite classes because I initially thought, like, I really liked programming but in taking this class and being able to design interfaces has definitely opened my eyes to a new realm within web design and web development.”

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