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Digital Media Arts graduate student produces video on Sex, Myth and Media course

By Julie Pawlikowski, second year graduate student in the Media Management concentration

Anthony Priore, a second year graduate student in the Digital Media Arts concentration, chose Professor Patterson’s Sex, Myth and Media course as the subject of his Media Lab video. Sex, Myth and Media examines the role of mass media in reinforcing or challenging common cultural definitions of masculinity and femininity and power relationships between the sexes. In analyzing various mass media – including print, television, internet publishing, electronic games, and film – students apply gender theory and connect the artifacts to their historical moment.

“Sex, Myth and Media asks students to think about how unavoidable gender is in our culture,” said Priore, who is a current student in the Sex, Myth and Media course. “It is an experience we tend to overlook because of how ingrained it is in our everyday lives, but it still shapes how we think, act, and experience the world. The class has been extremely enlightening and I have an understanding of our culture I never thought I would.”


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