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Duquesne Student Creates Video on the New Media Department Chair

By Aamin Withrow-Davis, second-year graduate student in the Digital Media program

Daniel Priore, a graduate assistant for the Media department at Duquesne University, produced a brief video of Jim Vota the new chair for the Media department at Duquesne University.

Daniel deemed this video essential since Mr. Vota, details the latest resources, equipment and introduces the faces of professors, which is especially useful for prospective students. He noticed that the Media department not only has been rebranded since the appointment of the last chair but also has made several major changes to the curriculum and equipment.

From making the video Daniel has learned that “Vota is definitely the most equipped member of the department to lead [the Media departments next phase]. He knows technology very well. He understands just how the media industry is changing and does a very good job of breaking it down to students.”

Make sure to follow along with all the upcoming changes Media department Chair Vota has for the Media department.

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