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Steve Mellon: Video by Daniel Priore

By Aamin Withrow-Davis, second-year graduate student in the Digital Media program

Daniel Priore, a graduate student in the Media department created a video showcasing Duquesne University Adjunct Professor Steve Mellon.

Steve Mellow is an adjunct professor who has had many years working for the many publications including the Pittsburgh Post Gazette which makes him a great candidate to teach students about journalism. As an undergraduate at Duquesne University Daniel took Multiplatform Editing and Multiplatform Newsroom where Mellow taught him a lot about the processes of becoming a good journalist.

While interviewing Mellon for the video Dan learned about Mellon’s commitment to telling the story of those who don’t have the opportunity to tell their story. Dan says “that certainly an idea that any journalist should have… They should try and find the people who aren’t as easily represented in the media and try and find a way to make it a much more diverse field for people.’

Thank you, Daniel Priore, for creating this informative video.

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