Duquesne University Media: Students Try Pumpkin Flavored Foods

By Julie Pawlikowski, second year graduate assistant in the Media Management program

Morgan Lambert, a graduate student and assistant in the Digital Media Arts program, and Adam Milyak, a graduate student and assistant in the Media Management program, are both currently enrolled in Television News/Studio II. Morgan and Adam co-edited and co-produced the project about student’s reactions to pumpkin flavored foods.

Television News/Studio I and II are taught by adjunct professor Bill Lyon. The courses are advanced broadcast journalism courses in which students develop their skills in researching, writing, reporting, editing and producing broadcast/multimedia news. Interviewing techniques, scripting for both radio and television news, and on-air performance is emphasized. Areas of the anchor/reporter position and the technical side of the operations of a newsroom are both covered.

“Professor Lyon wanted to show the difference between a live news show and a creative style video,” says Morgan. “I liked the style of ‘Buzzfeed Reaction” videos and since it’s October I thought this would be fun. Even though you don’t see every student on screen, each student played a part in the production. They all were crew members in the production during filming. The reaction videos helped us be more comfortable on screen which helps when we anchor during a news run down.”

The pumpkin flavored foods the students tried are pumpkin bagels, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin tortilla chips, fall harvest salsa, pumpkin flavored organic frosted toaster pastries, and dark chocolate pumpkin spice salted caramels.

The students on screen are Byron Stroud, Libby Caballero, Adam Milyak, Morgan Lambert, Ty Lesko, and Victoria Stevens.


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