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Chroma key excites Duquesne Media students

By Jacques Hinkson-Compton, second year graduate student

Anthony Priore and Mercedes Oliver are two second year Duquesne Media graduate students. They produced this short satirical video about chroma key in an effort to lend some publicity to the work of the department as well as stimulate interest in technology integral to the media industry.

Director of the video, Mercedes Oliver, wanted to creatively publicize work of the department. Oliver said she and Priore “wanted to promote the department and highlight the things we do here in a fun an energetic way.”

Chroma key, for those not in the media industry, is short for chroma key compositing. It is a visual effects or post-production technique for compositing or layering two videos or image streams together. It is most commonly used in the motion picture, video game and news industry. As the protagonist in the video indicates, it can be seen regularly in the weather segment of any news broadcast.


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