Media Literacy Course Video by Marko Maslakovic

By Aamin Withrow-Davis, second-year graduate student in the Digital Media program

Marko Maslakovic, a graduate student in the Media department created a video showcasing Duquesne University Media department’s Media Literacy Course.

The video details how we are no longer just consumers of media but active participants, which comes with responsibilities: learning and understanding the ends and outs of media. This course also encompasses a media deprivation activity which reinforces how integrated media is in modern society and what constitutes media.

While making this video Maslakovic learned the necessity of carrying extra memory cards while conducting an interview. He also, learned that having an open discourse on media and learning about the dynamic of media producers and consumers is an important topic for all to be educated on.

Thank you, Marko Maslakovic for the information video.

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