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Meet Randall Coleman By Aamin Withrow-Davis

By Aamin Withrow-Davis, second-year graduate student in the Digital Media program

This featured student video by Aamin Withrow-Davis is about Randall Coleman an Adjunct Professor at Duquesne University in the Media department for Duquesne University Media’s Media Project Management course.

The video details the daily life of Randall Cole, as an adjunct professor at Duquesne University and freelance content creator for organizations such as the Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers and the Cultural Trust any many others.

From conducting the interview Randall and creating the video Aamin, learned that having a Duquesne education opens many doors for an individual. Aamin said,” working with organizations such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates while also teaching college-aged students is amazing. Loving what you do allow you to accomplish anything.”

We are proud to announce that we have more student content coming out!

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