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Morgan Lambert: Video by Emily Wooddell

By Aamin Withrow-Davis, second-year graduate student in the Digital Media program

This featured student video by Emily Wooddell is about Morgan Lambert, an adjunct professor at Duquesne University in the Media department, for Duquesne University Mediaā€™s Media Project Management course.

The video does a great job detailing many fascinating aspects of Ms. Lambert, demonstrating her outgoing and bubbly personality and highlighting her experience as a NASA intern for itsĀ internal communications office.

As a graduate from Duquesne University and a former graduate assistant for the Media department, Lambert is a great example to encourage undergraduates and showcase what opportunities an education from Duquesne University are available to you.

During the interview process, Ms. Wooddell tookĀ this opportunity as a learning experienceĀ andĀ was quick to learn more about the interview process and what key questions to ask during the interview.

Thank you, Emily Woodell, for the great and informative video on Morgan Lambert.

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